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Ohhh boy, it really is cold. I'm not  complaining, though. I much prefer this sort of weather to the horrors of a hot summer, and it's been so long since we had a proper winter.It sure is quiet, though.Even now, everyone's in their burrows. That wind is getting pretty nasty.
I watched a slick, stupid film about bounty hunter Domino Harvey, with the dreaded Kiera Knightley. It was mildly diverting. I got the impression that she was interesting enough to have a proper biography .
Ivana Trump has joined the CBB housemates. Considering how well-connected and moneyed she is, you'd think she could have found a better surgeon. Heidi Fliss looks considerably ghastlier, like Pete Burns' sicker sister. She's been through a lot, though. I'm not sure about Stephanie Beecham. I  suppose she must have had work done, but she looks fairly natural.
I feel the need of cake, of which I have none.

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