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CBB, etc...

I had another look at CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER last night. Stephanie Beecham hasn't walked yet, and there seems to be a romance blooming between the ex-girlfriend of Ronnie Wood and 'Basshunter',(who evidently had a problem with masturbating twenty-eight times a day when he was a teenager-) based on their mutual enthusiasm for farting.
First to be evicted has surely got to be the alarming Stephen Baldwin, who goes on about his newfound religion all day. At one point he stated proudly that if a gun-toting maniac ordered his daughter to say Christ didn't exist and he'd spare her, he would advise the kiddy to proclaim that Christ did so exist, 'and I'd see her in heaven'...*  He also has the' tiny eyes of a shrew' combined with the lower face of a hamster with several nuts in storage. Like I said, alarming.

* This reminded me of an old Baltimore catechism at school. There were exercises where you had to muse on various moral dilemmas. One was about a boy who was approached leaving the church after Mass by an armed Communist, who asked menacingly if he believed in God. He replied by praising the Lord and the Holy Catholic Church, whereupon he was blown away...Did he go straight to Heaven, or would he still need to serve his term in Purgatory? Discuss.

The lift's still broken, and  the pavements look lethal, but I gotta try and get out, if only to get rid of the accumulated rubbish.

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