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Sappy New Year...

I was feeling glum last night, so I deliberately got fairly drunk, which I haven't done for quite a long time. I was reminded in the end, why I stopped drinking gin. It seemed only  to increase my melancholia, and give me a headache. Meh.I feel dog rough this morning, too.
Watched the fireworks on TV. The crowd seemed rather subdued and sombre. The cold, maybe...
I went on to dream about David Tennant  (There really is no escape...)  No rumpo was involved, but I was following him around. I think I was supposed to be writing an article about him. He was wearing his long, flappy Dr Who coat, and seemed to be enjoying everybody fawning over him.
I then went on to visit this incredibly weird place I've often seen in dreams. I simply cannot describe it adequately, but  there's a huge site, somewhere in the City, with a very old, very big grey stone church, surrounded  by an enormous sort of sculpture park, crowded  with human figures, some nude, some in elaborate draperies, in marble, granite, etc. They've been added over the centuries, but all are colossal in size, like several storeys high, the biggest ones...They vary in scale, but even the 'small'' ones are  pretty massive. The style is fairly realistic, Hellenic to Soviet Realism, and there's something rather frightening about them. The sky is always lowering when I'm there, and restoration work is always in progress. I hope the freshening-up doesn't detract from the fascinatingly spooky atmosphere. I wish I had the skill to draw it all...It would take someone like Piranesi to capture it.
There was a nasty episode about a grubby looking kebab shop. I overlooked the back of it, and saw evil-looking men killing sheep by throwing them out a top window into a skip behind the kitchen where they were used for kebabs. It was 'orrible.

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