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Belated Birthday Bumps...

...Due to my habit of forgetting what day it is: yesterday was the birthday of globetrotting slashmistress and cinema/comic mavenhelenraven . Huzza!

I've only been out to take the laundry up, as it is a very manky day. So far my televisual activity has consisted of AN ENGLISHMAN IN NEW YORK, chronicling the final years of Quentin Crisp. It made me slightly weepy, actually. It was wistful , elegiac, and quite as good in my opinion, as THE NAKED CIVIL SERVANT.  Mr Crisp, BTW, is one of the celebs I have sighted on a bus.
I've also snivelled a bit over THE YELLOW BITTERN,a charming memoir pic about the recently deceased last of The Clancy Brothers, Liam. My sister and I listened to them nonstop, when I was a kid. Between them, Wagner, G&S and Chaliapin blasting at all hours, we used to drive my poor mother more mental than she was to start out with.


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