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Sofaspud Holidays...

Tried to get my gin bottle opened yesterday, but Waitrose was shut. Not much sale activity at Clapham Junction, actually. Grumbling early risers were milling around wondering if and when shops would open.
WALLANDER was particularly intense last night. Jeez, I didn't see that coming. Alas...
EASTENDERS provided the usual dose of festive anguish and mayhem. I shall miss Archie Mitchell. I really liked that evil-camel face he'd make while contemplating his next outrage.
Has David Tennant taken over the world, or something? There really is no escaping him at the moment. His taste in desert island entertainment is bearable, though, and I reckon he did quite well by Hamlet... Isn't he skinny, though?  He honestly does seem to almost vanish in profile. I sometimes wonder what It's like to be really thin. It seems so uncanny, to the likes of me.

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