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Grey Christmas...

Well, it was this morning. We seem to be getting sun, now, although I much prefer wintry skies,myself.
R Next Door's  dangerous present turned out to be a very obviously re-gifted box of those 'sesame snap' goodies, which I quite like....(These ones are actually  branded 'Sesame Slims'! ) I guess she didn't dare eat 'em herself, in case she got Fat Like Me.Well, I will eventually consume them in a responsible fashion.
Must admit I was highly chortled up by hearing about Pope Ratzo getting decked by a loony in the midst of the Christmas Eve procession. God forgive me, I was compelled to roll out of the bed and switch on  the telly BBC News at about 7 AM; just had to gloat over it.
I was involved in some strange violence myself, in last night's dream. I was at some sort of big gathering of cartoony  types, when a young woman I didn't know jumped up from the refectory table, demanding to know how I dared show my face , 'You red-haired (?) Irish Mick!' and punched me in the gob. There was a huge commotion, people attacking each other, and rolling about. I escaped into a toilet, which of course, wasn't working, although I really needed a good pee, after being beaten up,.. and more furious misadventures were in store, but  I can't be arsed to record them. Nothing unusual.
Caught up with this week's episode of WALLANDER, in which the handsome young Stefan was led astray by an even hotter Bad Cop. Great stuff.
Joyeux Noel, or whatever 'festivus' you may be celebrating


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