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Give Me A Break!...

R Next Door came around with a prezzie for me, saying sheepishly 'I actually feel bad giving you zis,but it IS Christmas, and I hope you will enjoy it responsibly.' (!!!) I've opted to leave it aside so I have something to open tomorrow morning (Ho ho ho...) but can only assume it's cake or sweets (I want DRUGS, dammit-) that fat people should never venture to consume, especially irresponsibly!
Poor R, I know she's got 'mental health issues' of her own, and I honestly believe she means no harm, but I could blissfully deck her sometimes. I've thought of lightheartedly explaining that comments like this are insulting, and that all fat people do not swallow whole boxes of chocolates, or whatever,on the spot unless properly admonished, or better yet, supervised, but what the fuck, she wouldn't take it in anyway. Grunt.

On the South Bank, you can have your photo taken with 'The World's Most Pierced Woman', who keeps her whole face wrapped up in several colourful scarves while waiting (in vain, I rather think-) for custom. Seriously scary-looking..

I dreamt of being a houseguest at the cosy home of the Crumbs.We were supposed to be doing a comic together, and awaiting the arrival of charlottecooper , who was also collaborating. I was feeling awkward and over-awed, and wished she'd hurry up, as she was already friendly with them, and it would feel easier...
I hadn't done it in a while, so I thought I'd make a few orange and clove pomanders. They've only gone all mouldy and nauseating! That 's never happened before. Feck.

And  a Merry fecking Christmas to all my readers!

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