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Season's Bleatings...

Wandered down to the South Bank to have a gawk at the 'Cologne Christmas Market' It was as lame and pitiful as could be. Nary a squishy pretzel nor an applesauce-laden potato pancake to be seen. Just the everyday trinkets and junkfood you see in any old market. There were two carousels, and they did have a gluhwein stall, which was really the purpose of my visit... I'd hoped to score a few of those lil' mugs that I left off buying until it was too late, in yer actual Germany, to give people as souvenir mini-gifts... They actually had them, but D'Oh!, They said 'LONDON'.
So, after a look around at what little there was to be seen, I found myself leaning on the wall by the river taking a few snaps. I noticed a few 'dolphin' posts downstream from me,this extremely young-looking girl was sitting on the ledge, furiously sucking the face of an old half-bald half-grey man. It was possibly the most intense snog I've ever seen. No coming up for breath, on and on.. I was expecting the old guy to crumple into a lifeless dusty husk, but it just didn't stop. For all I know they might be there still...
Next stop Clapham Junction where the last-minute shopping thing was getting heavy and pointy-elbowed. I popped into the little Waitrose there to grab some expensive bread, and got a small bottle of their 'basic' gin, although I'm still fascinated by Bombay Sapphire. When I got home, I couldn't get it open. It has a big black cap that just won't come off.Some sort of 'child-proof' thingy? So far, it's Lee-proof. Nnnnngh!

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