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Wotta Swizz...

Still no snowpocalypse in London. Just a slight dusting and lots of vile, scary 'black ice' Bah.
I was thinking recently that it must be quite nice to travel
by Eurostar! I actually wonder if the rash of breakdowns might not have been sabotage.Wasn't there a threat of stike action rcently that was called off? The performances of the stranded travellers were rather entertaining. I liked the guy who kept shouting out 'It's a def trap!' and the weeping woman clutching her four-year-old moppet,who might have stepped on a 'LIVE LINE' as they were evacuated.Not that they don't deserve whatever compensation they can wrangle. It must have been 'orrible, and I probably would have ended up in hospital with a big panic and/or asthma attack, if I'd been involved.
This week's films have included THE WRESTLER which was pretty good, and the remake of LOLITA with Jeremy Irons. I was expecting it to be pretty lame, but actually, I think it's better than the Kubrick version.
SCROOGE is on TV at the moment, and I generally watch at least a bit of it,if it turns up over the holidays. It reminds me of childhood. My sister and I watched it so many times I can still rattle off every line.
Unfortunately,they're showing the evil colourised version. What were they thinking of?

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