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Oh, Snow!...

I doubt if it will stick for long, but it's coming down pretty steadily at the moment.
I went along to Charing Cross Road to check out the BORDERS chosing down sale, but I guess I should have gone a few weeks ago. The 'fixtures and fittings' good stuff had all been snapped up, and there were few books of interest left. As girlycomic wrote, it just looked very,very sad. I felt really sorry for all the staff becoming unemployed. Vile as dayjobs may be, a bookshop gig is probably one of the better ones, and losing your steady income at Christmas time in a recession is pretty grim. *Sigh* Good luck to 'em.
I still haven't got round to getting a swine flu jab, and there was an awful lot of open-mouthed coughing and sneezing going on , on the bus. One fucker let rip right in my face. Agggggh! Hypochondria spasm! I don't understand how people can do that. I usually cover my spraying orifices even when I'm home alone. It's kind of a reflex.Not for everyone it seems. Yuk.
Saw a clip of Andy Serkis as Ian Dury in the upcoming biopic last night. Looks really good.

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