Crazycrone (crazycrone) wrote,

Saved! ...By St. Christopher?

Totally spent at Koblenz, we retired to the cabin and opened the window a crack, as it got very hot and stuffy in there .Half-watched HOUSE who was evidently hallucinating,in German, for a while, then nodded off. I mentioned to H that I could smell petrol. She, also half-asleep, said it was probably a spillage on the vessel next to us. It seemed very strong,though,and finally H got up and saw that their exhaust pipe was pumping fumes right into our cabin. I was barely conscious by that time, and if H hadn't had enough alertness left to check on it, we probably would have DIED!
I had been carrying a St Christopher medal from my late mother's effects, in addition to lighting candles to him etc. in the churches we visited, so I feel I definitely owe him a favour now.

Day five: Breakfast at fecking 6:30, and on the road until like, 20:00. Vile 'comfort' stops, trying to get a bit of kip in squished positions, dreary motorways, the ferry, more motorways and traffic jams, ending up at Victoria Coach station. It's been refurbished fairly recently, and isn't bad in the daytime, but at night it's as creepy as it ever was. Brrrrr. Glad to get home, but it was all in all, a very jolly jaunt. I wouldn't mind going again.(Maybe by Eurostar next time, though!) Mmmm, gluhwein 'and'...

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