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I Always Kind of Indentified With Vir, But...

Congratulations, you're Susan Ivanova, former commander of Babylon 5.
Which Babylon 5 Character are you?
Take the Babylon 5 Quizby Paradox.
Ivanova was cool, though. Kind of the Aeryn Sun of her time. For some reason, though, it was Londo, and his harassed aide that I used to empathise with. That was a great show, that was. (Sighs with remembered geeky pleasure...)

Hate faffing with bloody benefits forms. I'm always afraid I'll make a mistake and they'll arrest me, or something! They're so fucking confusing and repetitive, God knows how people who are really fucked-up manage. God, it's such a downer. I want 'bad' food, too,like maybe one of those new guarana BOOST bars (sounds Simpsonesque,actually, like 'chewable morphine'...) I-must-resist. Can't afford it, apart from anything else, and can't be arsed to put proper clothes on and go out in the drizzle.

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