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Scary Santa...

In ASDA they're selling a 'singing, dancing Santa' which is about five feet tall. It blasts out JINGLE BELLS with a glassy leer while sort of convulsing. I'm afraid when I have to walk past it.

I learnt the word 'rima' from reading Brian Sewell columns. He used it again yesterday. I've never hard or seen it anywhere else, except the dictionary...Oh yeah, and it was the name of the jungle girl in GREEN MANSIONS, I think. Arf.

Saw Herzog's ENCOUNTERS AT THE END OF THE WORLD at last; great stuff. I liked the interview with the haunted-looking penguin specialist. Herzog asked him if penguins ever go insane, and it seems they do, now and then. One will just toddle off into the vast wasteland towards certain death. They can't be steered around to safety, they'll just light out for oblivion again. It was very sad. Penguins will also trade sex for rocks, and sometimes have threesomes.

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