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Anyone who fancies checking out the current ROH production of DON CARLO, it's on BBC4 at 8 PM tonight. It's chockful of orgasmic Verdian 'tunes', doomed lurve (and homoeroticism-) crazy Xtian ritual murder, psychological torment, mysterious royal ghosty-monks, and general sublime over the topness. Yeh!

Also, it seems I have a spare rehearsal ticket again. It always seems when peeps want to go, I can't get them, and when I get 'em, nobody can make it.
In this instance, I have one spare for this Wednesday, the 25th, at the Coliseum, and you need to be there about 9:30 (Ouch-) for 10:00.
It's going to be a staged version of Handel's MESSIAH, and no, I can't say I fancy it much myself, but you never know; sometimes you drag yourself to something expecting total tedium, and end up enraptured. Sometimes...

I got my head shaved, and, as always it feels ecstatic, but people either cross the road at the sight of me, or snigger more than usual. Fukkem.

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