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Day 4...

Sodding lift is still frelled! Thank the gods that the delivery guy had the blanket box (veh nice, actually!) on a trolley, but he can't have had much more fun than I did slowly going clunk, bang, down the stairs with it. DAMN!
I've also got a load of recycling that I can't take down, because I don't want to abuse the shopping trolley, or my hernia, any more than I have to.
In other exciting news, I have bleached my hair, which I hadn't bothered to do for ages, because it doesn't take that well on the grey. Must get it buzzed, anyway. My hair isn't actually curly, which would be nice, but it seems to sprout in about 17 different directions, and when it starts to get to the awkward growing-out stage, I look completely insane.
Bugger all on TV tonight, apart from TRUE BLOOD, which is quite entertaining. Last night, I saw a documentary about Nicky Halsam, generally reckoned to be quite a loathesome celeb-hound poser, but I felt kinda sorry for him because he was dropping a tear at one point over a boyfriend who dumped him ten years ago. (It was probably all for the camera of course, I'm such a sap.)

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