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Hospital Appointment...

Yes, I got rained on bigtime. At least I only had to go to nearby St Thomas'. This was a check at the 'lipid clinic', where even the David Tennant-alike perky guy seemed overwhelmed by the absurd heat. The place was crazy crowded, too. One lady was told she'd have to wait two hours for blood tests, unless she went to another department, etc. etc. Everyone was coughing and sneezing, so I probably caught another dose of badness, and all. The nurse said my blood pressure was high, and condemned me to go to the GP's for three weeks, to compare readings (It was OK when I was there a few weeks ago-). She thinks I may have 'white coat syndrome'. Oh, the irritation; my hypochondria is all stimulated, too, of course.
It seems I really have lost about two stones since May. I'm not complaining, but it's really weird.
Picked up the laundry on the way home, and witnessed a mad guy being thrown out of Sainsbury's, as I bought a baguette.
EASTENDERS latest insanity: Peggy twigged that Archie had set fire to the Vic, and planned to frame the hapless Billy. This impelled her to violently snog him, and now they are meeting in secret for hot,dirty geriatric sex. I saw in one of those supermarket magazines that Charlie's murder was going to be the Yuletide ratings-puller. Assume the perpetrator will be Peggy,currently lulling him into a false sense of security. She'll get sent down,thus explaining her own departure from The Square.

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