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Plugging Away, Uselessly...

What is it with me and Photoshop? Why can I not work up the enthusiasm I require ? I do embrace its usefulness, but I can't 'feel' it as a creative tool, somehow, and doubt if I'll ever be good at it. Is it old age, or just 'coz I is mentally unstable ?
To more stimulating fare. Wasn't Aeryn heartstopping in that Scorpy suit on last night's FARSCAPE? I must really be a big ol' lesbo fetish person, and my inability to comprehend this until Too Late has blighted my life, or something...
I wish I could get hold of more German films, with English subtitles. There seem to be so many really interesting ones, but you just don't see 'em here. Strange, really. I just NEED to see the late- 40's version of FAUST by Gustav ("Mephisto") Grundgens, for starters, but you can't get hold of it here without paying through the nose. Considering it's a Classic of Western Literature and stuff, you'd think it would be available to us peons in the libraries. Instead, they're full of Julia Roberts films and suchlike shit wot you can see on TV every day. Grunt...Current German films often seem to deal with the unknown, and 'spiritual' life in a way that you almost never see in US/UK fillums. 'Snot fair. Oh well, maybe they're not as good as they look. I usually like the few that squeak through onto Film 4, etc,though.

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