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KerCHOOO, Gark...

I thought my cold was getting better, but as I schlepped round the mall in Wandsworth this morning, I felt I was getting more and more muzzy and sneezywheezy, and now I feel really rubbish. Bugger.
I discovered a rather cool cheap shop there I hadn't seen before, called TIGER; a bit like a trendier Pound Shop, with some pretty good cheap stationery, etc. I was tempted by black paper napkins with skulls on them, for which I would have no use whatever, and thick bars of Icelandic chocolate for £2. I was 'good', though. (My taste buds aren't working, which made it easier.)
R Next Door insists I should have had two flu jabs; one for Swine, one for 'ordinary', and that's why I'm afflicted now. She won't hear otherwise, and I don't have the strength to argue about it. Snort.
I may have to switch the central heating on this weekend.

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