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I am being so bad today. I didn't crawl out of my pit until after 7:30, then I did the usual internet timewasting and Guardian-reading, scared myself with yet more research about bariatric surgery, ate a piece of madeira cake,and drank lots of coffee. I didn't even shower until NOON. Gross decadence, but I don't care. I'm feeling particularly slack and louche today, and I'm bloody going with it. There may be sweet and sour king prawns on the agenda later.
I also intend to do some more on the strip about ghosts in the media and otherwise, read some more about Orson Welles, and watch what I've recorded from last night's telly.
I had a dream last night about being in a place that had thick,shiny metal walls. A very large, bald black man was turning into a cyborg of some sort, and informed me he was off, advising me to leave the premesis as well. This may have been because the place was infested with velociraptors, which kept leaping out and devouring people. I was keen to escape, but oddly didn't feel particulary panicky. Then I was with a group of people trying to unlatch a door so we could all get out. Ravening raptors whisked to and fro claiming the odd shrieking victim. No wonder I'm feeling lazy today.

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