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Spooky sort of Samhain sensations keep assailing me; that feeling that the veil really is a bit thin at the moment, and spirits keep winking through. Woo...
More mundane musings...I have been narked this week by:

Some senile Tory who warned that fewer women would dare come forward to be MPs if they actually had to make their way home to the suburbs at night unprotected, instead of nestling prettily into their posh Westminster flats paid for by the taxes of other women who schlep around at all hours, on grotty public transport, too. Wally.

Lambeth Council, who don't care about us tenants with mushrooms in our bathrooms.

The sacking of poor old Prof Nutt for speaking the truth.

I've been wondering if it's really time to wind up EASTENDERS. I'm an addict from way back at the start, but it has now become so completely ludicrous that one wonders where it can go, unless there's a huge cull and start-from-scratch. Barbara Windsor is going to leave, now, and all, which is quite a jolt.
The Heather's-baby thread has been particularly moronic, and some of the dialogue...'How did anyfink so byootiful come outa me?' and (buckets ready?) 'I'm not Fat Hevver any more...I'm George's mum!' You have to wonder what the woman playing Hev thinks of all this, but I suppose like most actors, she's just glad of a steady job.
We also have the total waste of two fine baddies, Archie and Janine, in a dumbass 'Let's torch the Vic and destroy the Mitchells' plot, the tedious return of Sam, who is now fornicatin' with guilt-ridden Jack
( he's also involved in the torching plot...), two characters, Ronnie and Jane, who are 'baby-hungry' to the point of complete lunacy, and several extreme personality-changes (Lucas, Owen, etc.)

Anyone who hasn't yet seen the Korean creature feature HOST, should check it out on TV tonight. It's really pretty good.

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