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Lovecraftian Horror...

I was shambling around the bathroom earlier in a fugue state, as you do, first thing, and something caught my eye... There was some sort of object sticking out of the removable panel next to the bog. I thought it was a wire that had somehow come loose. On closer inspection, it turned out to be a fucking MUSHROOM, a particularly evil-looking one, with a cap like a raggedy scab. Oh, EWWW! I guess they're growing up the back of the water tank that keeps getting flooded from above.
I rang the council again the other day, with my 'I'm a poor old lady wot can't hardly move, an' I got ass-mar...' voice on, and they just said it's in hand. It seems they can't get into the flat where the water's probably coming from because the tenant 'has mental health issues.' Dearie, don't we all?

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