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Well, you didn't think I was gonna miss this one, did you? I was so impressed I even spent nonexistent money on the catalogue, a very rare event indeed.
Actually, it's not a very big exhibition. I was expecting more stuff, but what there is is rivetingly weird. It's not as scary as the crits had led me to expect, either. I'm sure they could have found considerablly more gruesome items, but Fernandez' almost full-size Dead Christ, Juan de Mesa's head of John the Baptist, completete with spinal cord and-bits, and the very strange St Francis Standing in Ecstasy(!?) by Pedro de Mena are pretty creepy. The hyper-real polychrome struff is fascinating. I think my favourite was the Fernandez Ecce Homo, with Christ looking like a handsome, if quite battered hippy. He even has a little willy under his raggedy loincloth. I don't think the nuns at my school would have approved-
There's a very absorbing short film, as well. Pointy-hatted penetents, yeh!
Probably the most bizarre exhibit was a huge painting of the Vision of St Bernard Of Clairvaux by Cano, in which a statue of the Virgin comes to life and squirts a giant jet of breast milk bang into the astonished open mouth of the saint. That made me look twice.

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