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Gill Outdoes Himself...

I have always detested AA Gill, although he can sometimes be rather funny. His frequent spiteful and ignorant quips about fat people piss me off, and well, he's just got that rich-boy smugness thing going full blast constantly.

This baboon murder thing has totally floored me, though. I read his TIMES article on Sunday, and was just so gobsmacked I literally did not believe it. I thought it must have been some daydream he had.
It's true, though. He was curious about what it might feel like to kill somebody, so he went and blew a baboon away, since that's pretty close to human, and you can do it legally.
Now, I actively dislike baboons, and most apes. I find them creepy and unnerving, for the usual reasons. That, of course, is no excuse for killing one, being quite chuffed about it all, and being handsomely remunerated by the Murdoch press for crowing about it in print.
AA Gill is utterly foul.

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