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Dull Evening...

I've just watched Terence Davies' rather beautiful paean to the lost Liverpool of his childhood, OF TIME AND THE CITY. Really quite moving. He always seems such a nice man, I'd like to hang out with him.
The leak in the kitchen saga continues. It's been going on for a few days, but is really rather too dull and frustrating to go on about...Briefly, the man downstairs called the council 'cos water was coming into his boiler cupboard from my place. I'd been smelling damp, but that corner always smells a bit damp... Well, it's so sodden in there now that great hunks of plaster are coming away. The non-English -speaking Connaught employees have been here and stopped it twice, but it's obviously coming from above me, and nobody is ever there. Fuk.
I wish somebody really interesting would drop in for tea about now.

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