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What To Read...

I have several shelves full of books I haven't got round to reading.but can't settle on anything I really fancy at the moment. Otherwise, I've just sprawled around reading the paper, and trying to get my relic-gawking impressions down on paper before I forget all the interesting faces I saw in the crowd.
Nothing much on TV again. Bah. There seems to be a sort of SAW festival on, though. I saw the first one, and the one where Jigsaw was holding that doctor woman captive, to keep him alive. Wuzzat #3?... So maybe I haven't seen the one that's on tonight. I was under the impression that the franchise had got up to #8, but I see the new one on release is only #6. I've not been overly interested,but it seems some critics take the series fairly seriously. Dunno, guess I'll try it again.
Despite my continued queasiness of gut and lack of appetite, I have a strange desire to guzzle king prawns again. Maybe I need iron or something?

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