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I think I need to put slippersocks on for walking round the flat. No central heating, yet, though. I'm hoping to hold out until November.
I just gotta say how much I lurrve sweet & sour king prawns. I don't eat meat (well, hardly ever-) but I like fish, and these are Mmm-glllurgh!
I would quite like to go vegan, though... if I could afford a personal chef. Actually, why aren't there more vegan takeaways? I really can't be arsed with preparation of food, I just like shovelling it in.
Oh well, if I have the op, food intake will be minimal for the rest of my days, so I might as well enjoy naughty fast foods, etc. before I go onto an eternal gruel regime, or whatever. *Sigh*
I've been having recurring veree erotic dreams about a slender, youngish blond man, unfamiliar from RL, who flies in through the window! Arf! No luck last night, though. I was on a sort of country house seminar weekend somewhere, and we all had to bring food in baskets, to share out. This very annoying man seemed to be hitting on me, and made me a 'present' of some vaccuum packed sliced ham! I said I was a vegetarian, and 'all my friends are Jewish', but he was really insistent about it, and kept putting his arm around me and stuff. I was really getting peeved enough to hit him, and then I woke up.

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