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I used to enjoy riding around on busses, which is just as well, as the Underground got too crowded and scary for me about twenty years ago. It's getting just as bad on the bloody busses, though; unbearably packed, even at 'quiet' times.Huff.
Evidently they had to cordon off Kensington Church street last night because of THOUSANDS of the faithful/curious turning up to see the relics. They don't arrive at the cathedral until this evening, and it's unlikely that I'll make it tomorrow, due to the chair delivery. I can see myself missing out on this...
Evidently there was a shooting right outside the building on the day of the bus crash...I thought there were a lot of cops there, for a traffic accident way down the road...Nobody actually died, so it didn't make the papers.
Ohh, got my new GIRLY COMIC. I'm really enjoying Terry Wiley's latest, VERITY FAIR. The crudeness and moany solipsism of my own stuff, as always, shocks me, although the 'girlies' have made it look as good as possible. It's actually getting physically harder to draw, and it sure shows. I was certainly no Crumb to start out with. *Groan*. Speaking of whom, this GENESIS project didn't sound very interesting to me, but people seem to be going nuts over it. I'm quite curious now.

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