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Dull sort of day; still can't make my mind up about going to see the relic extravaganza at Kensington, tonight.I've tried to get R Next Door interested in going, but she probably won't. I don't like to go out alone at night now that I'm so old and weedy and fall-downy. Tomorrow at Westminster Cathedral is going to be hectic, with every Catholic gran in the greater London area clucking around, though.
I caught up with FASTFORWARD, which so far doesn't seem all that much to me, but it's intersting enough to give it a few more episodes. Most everyone seems to be mad about TRUE BLOOD, as well. I thought it was OK. Again, not particularly thrilling, but it does have potential.and a few possibly engaging characters like the crabby queen in the caff. We'll see.
I'm reading THE ROAD, which hasn't really hooked me yet, either. I expected to like it much more than I'm liking it so far. Maybe I'm just in a nothing-pleases-me mood.
I've probably got cafard.
(I'm listening to the radio, and there's an adaptation of BEAU GESTE bawling away,with lots of comical accents.)

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