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Sex & Violence...

Ah, the sublime sickness of TURANDOT!  As helenraven  remarked, the stonkingly nasty lovers could easily have gone on to become Hannibal Lecter's parents... The new ENO production is outstandingly weird, as befits the piece. I'm not sure if the whole thing taking pace in a sort of  posh version of Wong Kei's made much sense, not to mention the Elvii, Chelsea pensioners, hookers and homicidal kitchen workers with pig (or were they fox?) heads...but it wasn't boring. There was also an entirely new character, to me, a prancing white-suited mime, who banged the gong of doom,generally followed people around, and ended up disembowelled by Turandot, in the midst of the general  rejoicing. Odd.
Calaf, I'm rather sorry to say, did not sing Nessun Dorma whilst sitting apprehensively on the loo, as I'd read hinted at somewhere. Rather a shame, as I reckon there would be considerable emotional truth in that. There was some really shit-hot singing,from the whole cast, him especially, and one of the few advantages of the balcony is that you really get all that sound piercing your brain full force. Yow!
It was a foul, drizzly, sweaty, smelly day, and I skipped gong to the supermarkets this morning to watch the DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL remake, with Keanu Reeves. It was truly, leadenly, stultifyingly bad. Gort looked OK, but they made virtually no use of him, and the whole thing was focused on the Odious Cute Kid. Bah.

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