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The Devil's Twitter...

I've no idea how this works, but I seem to have one follower already. She wants to show me her undergarments...

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I'll show you my pants if you want.

Oh, I knew this would be more than I could cope with...

It's the rules of Twitter! But it's too late now.

What the plan for this evening?

What's happenin'? I emailed you last night, and rang twice today, but no luck. I keep getting calls coming through that just cut off, as well. ;-p
Can you meet me outside or just inside the Coli, as usual, 5:30-ish? I'll be here unil about 4.

I haven't received any emails from you. I'll try to get to the Coli by 5.45.

Ah, that's good. I think this should be worth seeing.

Well, at least she didn't ask you to sniff 'em! Or have your penis enlarged... Yup, twitter has it's spam artists as well. I usually block 'em.


Twitter's some sort of mobile thing isn't it?

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