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Cinematic Crapola...
It's taken about a month to get through the director's cut of KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. IIt had some stunning battle panoramas, good music, and a very starry cast, but was one of the most boring films I've ever seen, even watching half an hour or so at a time.. It certainly wasn't helped by starring the hopeless Orlando Bloom. Oddly, the most compelling character was the leper king, who appeared quite briefly; played by Edward Norton, I later discovered. There's just something so mesmerising about masks.
It looks like the heavy rain threatened earlier in the week may spare tomorrow's FAT OF THE LAND harvest festival on Dean St. I hope so. It looks like a brilliant event. If I can manage it, I hope to have a look myself.

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Tried watching this on TV, and even with commercial breaks, it put me to sleep.

Yeah, I really don't see how anyone could get through it in one sitting. Shame all that spectacle was wasted.

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