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Ongoing 'Life Laundry'...

I took the last load, I think, to the charity shop.I believe it will be a while before there's any more. I hope so. Of course, the cupboards are all still bursting at the seams, and bags of stuff are lying around. All in all, it looks fairly decent, though.
I haven't done my comic page of the day, yet. Damn. Have no idea what to do.
The window seems to be sorted. About feckin' time. It was supposed to be autumnal today, but it still feels bloody hot, to me.
Damn, I feel sleepy.
All that death stuff on TV didn't creep me out too much. It was quite interesting, especially Dan Cruickshank's thing. He talked to Maggi Hambling at one point, about her paintings of dead loved ones and their 'ghosts'.. She does bring out the lesbo in me. I really like her.

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