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Scary Films...

LJ is going all weird on me. I couldn't post yesterday. It kept going peculiar. Anyway...
I was thinking after reading some comments on Moto's  Disney post about people being freaked out by Monstro the whale as kids.
Most of my peers were forbidden to watch anything remotely horrific, but my parents (film buffs of sorts-) didn't mind what we watched, (as long as there was no s-e-x, of course!)
I saw all sorts of lurid Hammer products, etc, but only two films ever really bothered me,..
One was THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY, not even a proper 'horror'. When those Ivan Albright paintings appeared I was so traumatised I was unable to watch the whole film until I was about 20!
The other was NOT OF THIS EARTH, an early Corman cheapie, in which an alien vampire, who always wore sunglasses, would whip them off to zap his vicims with his (uhhh!) WHITE EYES.  He also had a sort of thing; a kind of flying octupus/parachute that would clamp onto peoples'  heads and squish them bloodily. Even the toughest kids in our local fleapit were squealing at that.
Right now I'm reading  (see, why am I getting all these strange underlines etc. I don't want and can't get rid of?)
John Lindqvist's HANDLING THE UNDEAD, which is along the lines of PET SEMATARY only much better/worse. It's bothering me...
I know this is profoundly WRON|G, but I can't help feeling a bit sorry for Roman Polanski. I know, I know...

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