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A Sickly Day...

I never even went out, except to dump the rubbish. I felt like I was just shutting down, and spent part of the aftrnoon asleep,THEN bloody R Next Door rang the bell. She's discovered a hairline crack in the LIDL jug I bought for her yesterday. It was on my card, and now I have to fucking crawl back there. I don't have the receipt, either.  In my current state, I can't afford this kind of waste of energyI
R thinks her broken toe entitles her to be waited on by all and sundry, but I'm just not up to it, and  I'm very crabby indeed. I have to ration what very  little energy I have, and can't even do things I want to do. An extra trip to LIDl  is not really my idea of time well spent in these circumstances.
Had an extremely weird dream about my mother and a sort of 'seance machine'  she had. It was a kind of sideboard with speakers and a radio, from which messages from the beyond emitted. All  I could hear was a posh R4 presenter talking about something  boring.

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