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Agita on the bus. I was sharing the wheelie space with one woman already, then the driver absurdly  let  another woman with a big pushchair on, and  I didn't have a chance to crawl out before she, her bawling mother, and the brat in the pushchair, stood BLOCKING MY WAY, while loudly complaining about people with ' LUGGAGE' in 'their' space. The other granny with pushchair took my part, in a way. crying 'She can't move, she's disabled!', so the whole cretinous family stood blocking the aisles of the packed bus, until they finally could be made to understand that they'd have to let me and my trolley out, if they wanted my seat. Then, of course, I was blocking the aisle myself, and getting shoved and clucked at.
All very trivial, but I really can't take it, these days...Life just seems so brutal. Meh.
Still can't get the pissing phone going . What a total chump I am. I honestly wonder if I've got early onset dementia.
Sue Perkins did a charming  R4  programme the other day on Dr Johnson's house near Bolt Court. I was there once, when I first came to London  30-odd years ago. I'd love to go again, but couldn't do the stairs, now.
Oh well, Maybe the lunacy of THE TUDORS will put me in a jolllier frame of mind.

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