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All Wet...

Got totally soaked through after the GRANDE MACABRE rehearsal; hadn't expected rain until late afternoon. Glub. It was really pissing down, lots of flooded gutters, etc.
The show was an astounding spectacle,and worth begging ignominiously for admission. I saw the opera back in the 80's, when ENO gave the UK premiere. It wasn't to my rather old-fashioned musical taste then, and it still isn't, but this production really ought to be seen. Crikey!
I have my new phone, and yes, I am totally unable to set it up. Took me all afternoon to get the SIM card right way around. Alas, who will assist a poor old lady?
Was knackered, then, and half-watched some UNDERWORLD saga*; non-stop vampire/werewolf battles, and rather lame. I worship Bill Nighy, though, and he  makes a hilarious King of all the  Vampires. Arf!

Edit after dreaming of GRANDE MACABRE: That show was so visually amazing, really. Check it out, if you can.


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