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Cursed Poster...

Friend H was around yesterday and shamed me into complaining about the botched poster. The framer was very apaologetic. (His story: his trainee had done it; made the mount too small, etc. Wotever-)  He even came to the flat to collect it, and bought it back. It looked fine, but now that it's hanging, I see it's all bubbling and going wavy again! I give up. I can't face any more. It is somewhat better than it was, anyway.
I am considering getting a proper mobile phone. Any suggestions? I'm a light user, but would like one with a nice camera, and decent keyboard. I'm considering a Nokia 2760...or splurging on a Nokia 6500 Slide. Any suggestions?
I have booked to go with H on a (how fuckin' cheesy can you get?)  Cruise to the Christmas markets in Cologne and Dusseldorf.  (Well, we can check out the cathedrals and stuff-) I pray that we're able to enjoy it. Her mobility isn't great either. I'm just longing to go somewhere, anywhere I haven't been, in case I die from the op, or get even more physically incapable.

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