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Quote of the day (from some soap that was on-): 'Who ya gonna believe, your brother or some lap-dancing slapper?'

I am not going to relate the story of my plumbing plroblems, but I did come within a whisker of crying in front of the contractors who arrived after  I'd spent two days indoors waiting ...The council had sent 'the wrong kind of plumbers' although I had explained in detail several times that it was a wetroom,  and I needed electrician types to fix the trap, etc. etc. As you see, it's all just too boring. The toilet is now acting up as well.

I finally finished 2666,  and am delighted with myself for doing so. I think it's a bit rude of anyone to foist a 900-page book on the world, though. I mean, really...That said, I did enjoy a fair bit of it, despite its all being pretty pointless. The first section really is chronic, though.
Now I'm back to less lofty pursuits, with LET THE RIGHT ONE IN. Very good, so far.

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