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Well, I Still Feel Seedy...

But I could not afford to miss a session of Photoshop...Of course, as I don't actually OWN Photoshop, and my old pc is half disintegrated just from running the 'sample' prog,an' I only have a weeny flickering monitor, etc.etc., it's all a bit frelling pointless anyway...I seem to be developing a toothache, now!
OZ was fun last night. Said, who is something of a hottie, is currently losing his marbles, and I love the way he wrinkles his nose when he's working up to a frenzied rage. He proceeded to beat hell out of the dreadful White, thus incurring a keckless spell in The Hole (Ex-cellent...) There must be some kind of contact clause for that, actually. I think the entire cast has now been naked in The Hole at some point, even the old guys. Ah, thank God for Culture!

Thought for the day: "There are no passions quite so hot and pleasurable as those of the deluded."-Arthur Miller

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