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Things Fall Apart...

Well. guess I can't complain. I must have had the shower for two months or so...This morning the trap conked out and the water won't drain away. They might come today to sort it, they might not. So I sit eating gingernuts (BAD morbidly obese person!) and grumpling.
The blind people continue to stall. The framing man said he'd be in today, but doesn't answer the phone, and I guess it doesn't matter, as I can't go out until I hear from the shower people, etc.etc....
I have actually Never Played A Computer Game. True.  I really haven't been tempted much, except by the prospect of gunning down hos in GRAND THEFT AUTO , but must say ARKHAM ASYLUM looks very intriguing...
I've only about 70 pages to go in 2666, but have this terrible feeling that II'm going to end up no wiser as to the point of whatever is going on than I was 600 pages or so ago. Have I really become so stupid...or is it supposed to be like that?

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