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A Right State...

I was poorly most of the weekend, with one of those strange chill-and-fever things I seem to get, like every six weeks or so. Bizarre. I also seem to have a fucking hernia, which freaks me out no end. I'm too squeamish for such stuff. I don't know how that's going to affect my operation. Shit, all this bodily disintegration stuff is hard for me. I'm such a sissy...I've recently seen a physio, anyway, and got a referral to one of those 'how to live with chronic pain and exhaustion' groups...Let's see if I'm frisky enough to get there!
I was unable to get the window shut and felt really cold, the last few nights...Now it's flamin' hot again. Fap!
Saw a pretty good Swedish vampire film, FROSTBITE, with an interesting 'making of...' thing about the digital FX. If I were young, I'd have liked to go in for stuff like that; turning people into mosters, etc. Whee!
I gave in and ordered a mouse for my Eeepc. I just can't do this finger business
.I really want to get my new desk PC, printer/scanner,graphics tablet, camera ,etc. soon-all wireless, all state of the art, tapdancing stuff. It will just about finish off my inheritance, and I'm scared of making mistakes. Wish I had guidance in this matter.
BIG BROTHER is limping towards the finish, and I find myself increasingly sympathetic to honking Brummie Lisa. I 've no idea who's going to win, but probably Charlie. He seems a rather sweet-natured ,simple soul. He's gay and good-looking, which should draw votes, and his poor ol' mum's in a coma, so he needs the dosh.
Henry VIII didn't cry"Arrrrgh!" once in this week's TUDORS episode, which must be a record. Heathcliff said it many times in WUTHERING HEIGHTS, though...

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