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Crabby Catchup Time...

A dull  week. No blinds yet, nor have I heard about the sleep apnoea. I saw  a Woody Allen film, CASSANDRA'S DREAM, that was so stonkingly bad I was stunned. The dialogue, for starters...Yow! What's with  him, anyway? Is God punishing him for perving on his stepdaughter or something? I also saw DEAN SPANLEY, a gentle, wispy sort of thing, not my usual fare, but it was rather touching, actually, and there was Mr Northam to ogle, AND a truly astonishing performance by Sam Neill as the dog-channelling clegyman. He was pretty well faultless; must be a 'dog person' in RL...
Last night I was gobsmacked by the horror of BENEFIT BUSTERS. (Yes, I alkways say I'm gonna avoid these blood-pressure elevating things , but I felt compelled...) In this one, a privately employed 'inspirational' monster, the grotesque Hayley Taylor, patronised and harassed ('encouraged') five single mothers into 'improving' their dud lives by becoming minimum-wage toilers in the local pound shop! ( BTW, one of these women was a former teacher, and another, a quaking alkie, probably should have been in hospital.) 
The woman who actually runs this compny the state is paying  to get people off benefits lives in palatial 'Brideshead' style as a result...
Oh, while I'm in rant mode;  "LEAVE CASTER  ALOOONE!"...  Every time a powerful female athlete turns up who doesn't make the usual rather pitiful Fatima Whitbread-style efforts to show how femmy she is,really- the DAILY MAIL brigade starts castin' asparagus on her womanhood. Grrrr.
I went to Notting Hill with a heavy sack of old books, and got £16 in vouchers. Just missed getting caught in a heavy shower, too. We're getting a lot of rather startling gusts of wind, in London. The windows were ratlling last night.

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