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Dumb Question....

Anybody know how you tell if a cactus is actually dead or not? I have one that's all sort of bent and frelled-looking, but is still mostly green. It's so hideous I'd like to bin it, but not if it's still alive...
There's a church down the road with a big poster outside saying 'JESUS IS ALIVE!'  and every time I see it, I have this mental vision of a giant Brian Blessed head, flotaing along ZARDOZ-style, screaming it to the heavens. I usually snerkle, which is embarrassing on the bus.
I'm sad to have missed CAPTION as usual, but enjoying the write-ups and pics online. I'd really like to do one of Al Davison's dream workshops, despite my irrational fear of him. (He look stern, man...)
My bonce is shaved in preparation for the threatened heat wave. What hair I have seems to have turned a weird iron grey. It had been getting quite dark over recent years, as opposed to my usual adult mousey blondish. I wish it would go all all silver,like my temples..Mostly I wish my scalp didn't show through. Wotta sight I am, grumble...
Bea continues to spray toxicity on BIG BROTHER which is quite fascinating to watch. I'm a bit suspicious that it's all an act, though. She's supposedly a 'psychology graduate'. and she's doing such textbook passive-aggressive riffs all the time, and  then all the plaintive poor-little-me faces aimed straight at the camera, and stuff. Is it part of some postgrad experiment, or is she actually <i>like that</i>?
It's a bit pathetic, too, that this year's two main villains, Bea and Noirin, are old-fashioned manipulate-through-sex girlies who tempt the boys, then torment them. Bea is even working on driving gay Charlie nuts, now. (Doesn't he have enough to cope with in his love-hate flirtation with volcanic Rodrigo?)

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