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Finally Took That Long LDRC Test

Profile for user 39132:
Linguistic 38
Mathematics 15
Visual/Spatial 31
Body/Kinesthetic 24
Naturalistic 23
Music 37
Interpersonal 20
Intrapersonal 34

Which seems to indicate I am a wordy,musicy,visual kind of weird loner -Learner. Nothing new there, then, except I think my brain is so decayed I can't really learn anything any more. You will note from the fact that I am journal-ing that I did not go to All-Day Photoshop this morning. Very, very stupid. If I was gonna cut a class, I should have done it last week, for the cartoon stuff...I am actually a bit rough, though.(I'm sure it will wear off during the day; I 'should' have gone...)I'm all bunged up and achey. (Flu jab?)


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