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Retail Therapy?...

Here I sit in the stinking hot internet cafe...At home, I now have a spanking new little Asus eeepc, with Windows, etc. pre-loaded at a cost in the shop, and I still cannot figure out how to connect to the internet. Heaven help me...
Saturday was hot and sunny, and I was so depressed I thought I was going to run amok, so I went for a "ride" on the 452, which conveniently passes a PC World, and it all went on from there...
Looks like I will pay two,if not three, visits to Kings Cross Hospital (Two-hour double bus expedition...) this week. Amongst the zillion tests You have to take to get on the list for the gastric  bypass is one for sleep apnoea, which involes taking an apparatus home, and returning it the next day after sleeping hooked up to it...I think it very unlikely that I do have sleep apnoea, but they say that most people who do don't realise it. So, should be an experience, anyway.  I'm still not at all sure I should have the damn op at all...

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