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Went to the laundry, then to a frame shop, to see about getting some posters sorted. It was shut. Bah...
R Next Door is looking quite fresh and frisky after house-sitting for a rich friend for nearly two weeks. She's got another stint coming up, soon. Good for her. She's also discovered some spots on the common where you can bag plums and blackberries. ('I haff not had to buy fruit for two weeks, and the freezer iss full...') Actually,fruit seems amazingly cheap at the moment. I just bagged a punnet of plums for 29p.
As I feared, no more has been heard from Lino Man. I've been done.
Watched EDEN LAKE; better acted than most, but  just more of the usual, really. I'm looking forward TO LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and ANTICHRIST. At least they sound a bit different. More good 'orror flicks now!
I managed to watch MAN ON WIRE, which I thought I might chicken out of (Great heights, ungh...). I coped, anyway, and found it fascinating, What a totally crazy guy, though. Can't imagine what would possess anyone to do stuff like that.
Rupert Everett was looking handsomely louche as ever on that BYRON documentary. No sign of the badly-botoxed hideousness that has been displayed on the net recently. Was that all a hoax, or summat?

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