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Ho Hum...

Got started on restoring the kitchenette to some sort of semi-hygienic 'normality' yesterday. Most of the rubbish was stashed in there so that I've barely been able to get to the kettle for the past month. (Good excuse for a lotta lethal takeaway meanls-) I might as well indulge, as if I do go through with the bypass, I'll never be able to eat a proper meal again...May the gods guide me.
Looking forward to reports on the cleanskies/ timscience nuptuals, which must have been really something. Hope the weather held out there. Congratulations to all concerned.
Still slogging away at 2666, although I'm quite into it now. In addition to being a very, very LONG book, it's extremly peculiar.
Have been drawing, doodling, anyway...In the rubble, I keep finding infant drawings of mine, saved by my mother (who saved everything, I mean everything...) When you look at childish products of like, Posy Simmonds and people like that, it seems quite obvious that I never had any talent at all. Oh well, so it goes. I certainly had the inclination, if not the gift.
I think it's going to be hot, today, dammit, and I've got a lot of schlepping to do. Oh well, so far it certainly hasn't been the scorching summer I'd feared. I'm still worried that it might suddenly ignite in September, or something, though. What I'd really like is a proper old-fashioned winter.

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