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Another week of not accomplishing much at all. Determined to start cartoon diary again, today, at least.
I'm getting nowhere getting the flat together. Still no new curtains, etc. etc. Still no netbook, either. There seem to be no Asus outlets around I suppose I could order one online, but I'm scared of that...Speaking of frightening stuff to buy online, I saw an item on TV this morning about people buying botox, etc. to self-inject into their faces. Whoooa! How mental can you get? Unsurprisingly, the TV talking heads advised against taking this course...
Feck! I forgot to watch the last episode of PSYCHOVILLE! Oh, tarnation...
Yesterday, I had a session of incredible frustration, having run out of parking passes for the estate lot. Remus turned up to do some bits he'd missed, on order of the council inspector, and refused to risk being fined. I had to go with him in his van to the council office and spend £15 on a new book of things I virtually never use. (You cna't buy just one-) I had a good old moan, but of course, the staff is used to that. You used to get the parking thingies free, but people were selling them, so now everyone has to suffer this insane rigmarole...
Temptress Noirin got evicted from BIG BROTHER. Her ex-boyfriend, who she worships, is now in the House, but is sure to walk, now that she's out. He's quite grotesque; a real caveman type, Poor old Shiavash and Markus can now recover from their encounters with the siren, and be buddies again. The whole thing, needless to say, is a bit mysoginistic, but Noirin really is a cow...Personally, I don't even find her good-looking.

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