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In The Dirtiest Internet Cafe...

It smells a bit, and I feel kinda rough anyway, but it's the closest to home. and the cheapest.
I'm a bit peeved because the painter turned up yesterday to finish off a bit, then disappeared to get some clips to tack up a cable, and never returned. He'd been paid, so I guess that's that. He also left behind the two bags he'd offered to drop off at the charity shop, so I had to schlep one this morning; couldn't fit both in my trolley. I feel kind of hurt, absurdly. 'He seemed such a nice young man'...What I'm really annoyed about is the poor quality of the lino man's work. It's really not good enough. I don't think I could endure having it redone, though, so fuck it. Lino man is supposed to return and glue down the corners he's missed/ try to eradicate the bumps, but I shouldn't think he'll be seen nae more. Fap.
All in all, though, the improvement is substantial. I'm still far from finished tidying up, and have no blinds in the sitting room, etc.etc. but it looks way less sad and grubby, and I'm delighted to have rid myself of a great deal of drek. Between the charity shop and the rubbish, about 25 sacks must have been dumped so far!
...I really may get a netbook this week...
Friday, after feeling odd for a couple of days. I just had to go to bed in the afternoon, aching all over and feverish...Now, I seem to get days like this every now and then, so I'm not at all sure I've had mild swine flu, but I have had the bizarre aching-buttocks syndrome that motodraconis  reported...I still feel seedy, and all.

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