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Weird Skies...

I've noticed a lot of very strange cloud formations recently; really spooky, some of them, and quite fascinating, like stuff you see in dreams.
Happy birthday to the brilliantly gifted about-to-be bridezilla  cleanskies!
I believe I am now the last actual watcher of BIG BROTHER. It really needs to die, now. There are still some interestingly odd characters, though, like the gruesome muscleman Marcus, who likes to discuss his masturbation techniques and stalk aggressively. (His sub-Wolverine muttonchops and woeful seduction ploys  have probably kept him from ever getting laid.)
It's all become so staged and celeb-fixated now, that it's quite hopeless. I don't know if anyone would believe it at this point, but the first few series actually were interesting social-interaction experiments. It's also become so wimpily PC  that no violence or racism can be even hinted at in quarrels. and alcohol is rationed so that there are few eruptions. Bah.
My fave? I think maybe Shiavash, who seemed such an obnoxious rich sleazebag at first, but now appears to be a rather sweet. serious guy, with some great eccentric outfits.

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